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Nexbillpay was designed to help rural water, gas, and electric companies who are looking for an affordable and dependable payment solution system to fit their unique needs.

Our mission is to provide successful and streamlined communications between software partners and utility providers and their customers through integrated software and technology.

Relationships, Support, Trust

We know and specialize in the rural utility industry. We understand the unique challenges faced by the rural utility industry, and the problems they have that are very different from the “big guys” in larger cities. 

Nexbillpay regards their relationships with rural utility companies as sacred bonds, vowing to serve with transparency and reliability. We provide excellent support services for all of our products and have the utmost respect for the challenges rural utilities face regarding customer payment collection and reconciliation.

Ease of use and excellence support are the norm at Nexbillpay

Our products are easy to use, and even easier to implement. We provide free implementation of the product as well as free training, to ensure your office staff have a complete understanding of the inner workings of the system. The result is an increase in customer satisfaction because they are able to pay their invoices in many easy, secure ways that they haven’t had access to in the past. 

Nexbillpay customers love our products and services and appreciate the benefits of offering flexible payment options to customers will saving time and money with their back-office.


Customer Service – Nexbillpay excels in customer service! No matter what the circumstance, you can “feel” each employee give more than 100% to assist in every situation.

Having the payment options available through Nexbillpay has allowed our customers the option to pay their bill “contact free”. Payments made through Nexbillpay have increased an average of 25% since the pandemic hit in March.

Water System, TN

We implemented Nexbillpay at MSEB for all in-person, online, and pay-by-phone card payments as well as electronic check payments in late 2019 and have been extremely satisfied with their products and service. Nexbillpay went above and beyond to integrate with our software, and has streamlined our payment operations. Customers now have the ability to set up auto-payments online, save multiple payment options, get reminders, and view their usage and payment history, none of which we were able to offer before. Their staff is always accommodating and responsive to requests for modifications and to address any issues that may arise. Overall, their products have significantly reduced the number of calls to our office, increased our office efficiency, reduced our costs, as well as given our customers the flexibility to pay their bills when and how they want and to view their payment and usage history. And with the recent COVID pandemic, Nexbillpay has enabled us to protect our employees by closing our lobby while still offering multiple, convenient payment options to our customers.

Electric Board Cooperative, AL

Nexbillpay, LLC has been an excellent addition to the Woodlawn Utility District’s ability to service our customers. They are constantly updating and improving the services offered. It is also comforting to know that I no longer have to worry about the safety and security of our customers’ identities and finances, nor the regulations required by the state and federal government. Nexbillpay, LLC handles all of those issues. I personally requested that a monthly statement be available to clients for accounting purposes. Nexbillpay, LLC worked diligently to implement this report into its transaction reporting system. The service side is so accommodating and unlike with other companies, I actually speak with a human being to get issues resolved. Nexbillpay, LLC also works closely with the utility’s software provider to ensure the most efficient transfer of funding. Choosing this company to handle our credit card transactions was a wonderful decision for this company and we will be customers of theirs for many years to come.

Woodlawn Utility District

We have been a customer of Nexbillpay for some time now and can’t say enough great thingsabout them. The Customer Service is second to none. Any issue we have is solved in a very timely manner, most often before we even get off the phone. Their online bill pay service has allowed our Customer Service Representatives the much needed time to focus on the needs of our customers issues. Their reports are well formatted and the Monthly Reconciliation feature has been an incredible asset in simplifying our month end accounting process. We recently went through upgrading our billing software and the team at Nexbillpay went above and beyond in helping integrate their software into our new billing system, helping to further ease the complications of having to learn the new system. Again, I just can’t adequately find the proper adjectives that best describes the pleasure it is to work with their staff. I just wish more companies could take a lesson in professionalism and customer service from the staff at Nexbilllpay.

Utility in GA

I want to thank you and your staff for your excellent service and dedication to satisfying customer needs. The quality of the system and the consistently pleasant and positive attitude of the staff at Nexbillpay are second to none. Those qualities make it an absolute pleasure to work with you. It’s nice to know that Nexbillpay is a source we can always count on.

Large Gas Company