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How Nexbillpay helps

Our commitment to rural utilities is evident in the fact that we work with over 800 utilities in 27 different states.

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Nexbillpay’s Notifications feature ensures timely payments and allows handy reminders

Notifications provide your administrative teams with the ability to communicate with customers instantaneously and with a method they’re accustomed to using.

With our Notifications module, you are able to:

Reduce cut-offs and inbound call volume by sending push notifications to customers through Nexbillpay’s alert system.
Instantly send SMS messages, outbound calls, and emails.
Keep customers informed by notifying them of:
  • Bill pay reminders
  • Delinquent notices
  • Boil water notices
  • Outages
  • Water main breaks
  • …and more
Reconciliation module gives accounting transparency and flexibility

Take away the drudgery of manual transaction reconciliation. Give your teams the gift of automated reconciliations that are accurate – down to the penny – and instantaneous.

Daily/monthly reconciliation breakdown
Transaction report by card type and payment type
Reconcile anytime, anywhere to the detail
Deposit reports to the penny
Real-time payment posting removes human error

When your accounting team is able to see client payments instantaneously, it gives them the ability to provide better, faster customer service. Real-time payment posting also allows your team to make better decisions about disconnects and penalty fees.

Removes human error from the payment posting process
Allows utility employees the ability to see payments instantly
Reduces issues with payments being made during disconnect or cut-off periods
Updates consumer data for penalty fees
In Office Payments become fast and easy for your customers

In a world where your utility is able to offer many different payment services, their lives (and yours!) suddenly got easier. With payment options that are vast and varied, you increase customer satisfaction and decrease unnecessary work on your administrative teams.

Swipe credit cards with no sensitive data ever stored on your system and without the need for expensive hardware
Process payments securely onsite allowing the customer to swipe
Transform your computer into a powerful POS system by swiping or keying in debit/credit card data accurately and securely
E-Lock box functionality further streamlines the payment capture experience

No more daily bank trips depositing checks. More happy customers being able to send payments directly through their bank. Our E-Lock box module further advances your utility’s ability to process payments in a more efficient way, saving you time and earning you happy customers.

Dramatically reduce time spent on processing paper checks from financial institutions by converting them into electronic payments
Increase customer satisfaction by receiving online payment through their bank in a timely manner, while reducing costly shutoffs
Reduce DOXO related payments and any third party payment sites not associated with your utility
Allow your customers to use whatever works for them, with a result being that it also happens to be what’s easiest for your staff!