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Customer Payment Portal

This cloud-based portal is easy and flexible for the customer, and dramatically cuts down on the number of phone calls your administrative staff have to take. Customers can answer their own questions and have valuable account information at their fingertips.

Secure Account Login / Management
Create / Reset Password
Viewable account balance and water usage history
View Transaction History
Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card, ACH, One-Time / Recurring
Secure Payment Storage Options
Email / Text Notification Enrollment
E-Bill Enrollment
Linked Accounts
Auto Pay

The ability for a customer to set up an auto-pay option will improve your collections and assist customers in not forgetting a single monthly payment. 

In addition, a great feature of Auto Pay is that the utility selects the payment date, not the customer. This allows more control over billing cycles and allows billing to run much smoother.

Easy Sign-Up / Unenrollment
Multiple Stored Payment Options
Link multiple accounts and bill types together for easy payments in one place
Upcoming payment notification
Flexible Fee Options
Convenience Fee
Absorb Fee
Hybrid Model
Utility Rate
Text 2 Pay

No Internet? No Computer? No Problem!

Nexbillpay offers utility customers the ability to pay their bill with a simple text. Customers can pay their bill anytime, anywhere, on any SMS-capable device.

Text2Pay offers customers the ability to pay quickly, securely, and conveniently. All identifying information is protected inside our secure system, and no personal or account details are revealed. When a customer enrolls for text reminders through their online portal, bill-ready notifications are sent directly to the mobile number they provide. From there, the customer just replies with a text that says “all” or a specific dollar amount to initiate a bill payment from their stored payment method. Just a few clicks on the phone and payment is completed!

Encourages on-time, hassle-free transactions helping customers to avoid late fees.
Eliminates the need to open a browser or log in to a user account resulting in faster bill payment.

Paying your bill by phone has never been easier!

Nexbillpay’s pay by phone system (IVR) is now powered by Artificial Intelligence that gives it the power to know your customer before they call in to pay. After the first successful payment, the system remembers the customer’s information to be used for the next time they call in.

Are you frustrated with taking calls from customers that can’t use your pay by phone system without your help? We listened to our utility customers and we heard these requests about their customers:

Customers don’t have internet access
Customers don’t use smart-phones
Customers feel it’s easier to pay in office, rather than using the online or phone system.
When its cut off time my customers have to call me to get their past due balance on their account.

So we designed an IVR solution that uses proprietary technology combined with artificial intelligence to know the customer’s account number before they call using the phone numbers from your billing software. If the customer is not recognized, our IVR makes a note of that new phone number and account number combination for future use. This means, typically, 100% of customers are recognized without having to enter an account number after the first month of payments.

Also after the customer makes the first successful payment we remember those payment details of that transaction for them to re-use the next time. Using this technology has enabled us to cut the average call times for customers in half. This new system is also able to tell the customer the Current Balance, Past Due Balance, Last Payment Amount, Last Payment Date, and Due Date during the call in both English or Spanish. This is especially helpful during cut off time as the system will tell customers what amount is past due so they can pay enough to avoid cut off.