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Easily Manage Your Utility Payments with Nexbillpay

Nexbillpay currently works with over 1,000 utilities in 34 states and processes 500 million dollars in rural water, gas, and electric payments. Our intuitive, customizable payment processing platform allows rural utility companies to easily manage their customer accounts while providing simple payment solutions to their customers.

We are dedicated to providing our rural utility partners with solutions specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

Find Smart Payment Solutions for Your Utility

Smart payment solutions that automate your utility’s payment options and delight your utility’s customers

Our customizable payment processing solutions integrate the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to provide the highest quality services to your utility customers. We understand the challenges faced by rural utility providers and have designed our system to meet your customers where they are. Features of our system include:

Real-time payment integration
To the penny reconciliation
Utility billing integration
Best in class support
Data security
FREE software implementation & training!
Partner with Nexbillpay as Your Utility Payment Processing Solution

Our team at Nexbillpay is here to assist with the integration and maintenance of our platform into your system. Rural utility providers are essential to ensure the comfort of rural communities, and we are dedicated to providing technologically-advanced software solutions with best-in-class customer support to your teams.

Our customizable platform offers a variety of features, including a flexible, cloud-based customer portal, auto-pay, flexible fee options, and more. We ensure a relevant, current billing software solution by integrating our API, ensuring that your rural utility company and customers have a seamless experience.

At Nexbillpay, we offer our business partners a one-stop solution for utility payment processing, including payment solutions, development, and partner support. Request your demo of our solution online or via telephone at 205-945-1126 to see how simple, customizable, and advanced our payment software truly is.

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Partnering with Nexbillpay

All vendors who serve the public working with utility companies are more essential now than ever. By partnering with Nexbillpay, you’ll get critical integrations and functionality, along with our API that will help keep your billing software relevant.

Our skilled developers and technology team will engage with any of your IT or technical teams to ensure a smooth, tight integration. We offer best-in-class customer support to both the biller and the utilities staff.

Nexbillpay is a one stop shop, meaning we handle all development, payment solutions and support under one roof. One call will solve it all!

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