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As a rural utility service provider in Indiana, offering your customers the ability to pay for their services online instead of using more traditional methods, such as mailing a check, shows your dedication to customer service to your customers as well as offering them convenience. While making the transition to an online payment gateway software  appear to be difficult and confusing, Nexbillpay is here to make this transition seamless. 

 We understand the unique challenges of rural utility service providers and offer our payment processing solutions to overcome the challenges presented in these areas of Indiana. 

We understand the unique needs that small businesses have and the issues they face as a provider of services to individuals in rural Indiana. Nextbillpay is here to lighten your load and grow your business at the same time by creating a secure payment software that takes the hassle out of getting paid. 

We offer greater freedom to customers who want to make payments on their schedule, and we empower you to manage your accounts through our suite of powerful digital tools. We are dedicated to finding the solution that works best for you.

Partner Your Rural Utility w/ Nexbillpay in Indiana

As the leading payment processing software for rural utility companies in Indiana, Nexbillpay understands the needs of our customers. Our payment processing software offers a variety of features to help utility customers in rural areas throughout Indiana, including:

  • Stroh, Indiana
  • Mansfield, Indiana 
  • Rising Sun, Indiana
  • Mongo, Indiana
  • Patriot, Indiana
  • Merom, Indiana
  • Beverly Shores, Indiana
  • New Harmony, Indiana
  • Orleans, Indiana
  • Marengo, Indiana

We have state and local partnerships with billing software companies throughout Indiana, including the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water.

We proudly serve over 800 utilities in 22 states.
State Association Partners are marked in blue.

Offer Payment Solutions to Your Indiana Customers w/ Nexbillpay

Our payment processing software provides various solutions to your customers, regardless of their internet connections or available hardware. We understand the challenges rural utility providers face when collecting payment from their customers. Our solutions are designed specifically to simplify the entire process, both for your customers and your employees. Benefits of working with our software solutions include:

  • Simple, customizable, and intuitive user interface
  • Secure login to protect customer information
  • Cloud-based for enhanced data protection
  • Auto-pay and notification options
  • Flexible fee options to accommodate your business needs
  • SMS Text-to-Pay option
  • AI-powered phone payment system

Let our team customize our proprietary platform to your rural utility needs to increase customer payments and drive revenue for your business while reducing the costs associated with collections. Contact our team online to schedule a demo and learn how our payment solutions can assist your local utility customers.