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Nexbillpay, LLC has been an excellent addition to the Woodlawn Utility District’s ability to service our customers. They are constantly updating and improving the services offered. It is also comforting to know that I no longer have to worry about the safety and security of our customers’ identities and finances, nor the regulations required by the state and federal government. Nexbillpay, LLC handles all of those issues. I personally requested that a monthly statement be available to clients for accounting purposes. Nexbillpay, LLC worked diligently to implement this report into its transaction reporting system. The service side is so accommodating and unlike with other companies, I actually speak with a human being to get issues resolved. Nexbillpay, LLC also works closely with the utility’s software provider to ensure the most efficient transfer of funding. Choosing this company to handle our credit card transactions was a wonderful decision for this company and we will be customers of theirs for many years to come.