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West Virginia Rural Water Association to roll out NexbillpayⓇ for their members

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Nexbillpayis proud to announce its partnership with The West Virginia Rural Water Association (WVRWA) in providing payment software and capabilities for its members in West Virginia. 

NexbillpayⓇ  offers convenient access to account information for utility customers, as well as payment options and notifications regarding customer account information. Now, the WVRWA can extend these features out to its member base, making automatic payments, text 2 pay, mobile payments, pay by phone, and payment notifications available to rural homeowners in West Virginia. 

“Nexbillpay is a safe and simple way to process electronic payments,” says recently-retired executive director, Amy Swann. “Our association looked at several options and selected Nexbillpay because we liked the quick set up and operation. Our members like the ease and especially, the customer service that Nexbillpay offers, particularly in the current environment. When it comes to being a complete partner, both as an affiliate and as a vendor you can’t beat this service!”

Chase Elmore, Vice President at Nexbillpay, states: “We are proud to partner with organizations such as the West Virginia Rural Water Association. Rural utility companies have such unique needs that are an ideal fit for the services we provide. We’re glad to have the opportunity to meet their needs with a cost-effective solution, and provide security and flexibility to their customers.”

Traditionally, rural utilities have relied on in-person bill pay or payments to be mailed in by check. Due to associated high costs, the technology to provide online payments has typically not been an option. Because of Nextbillpay’s platform, other rural utilities around the US can offer convenience to their customers – during a time where that option matters more than ever. 

About The West Virginia Rural Water Association

The West Virginia Rural Water Association (WVRWA) was created in 1985 to provide technical assistance and training to the small water systems of West Virginia. Our programs consisted of a wastewater program, and three water circuit rider programs. In 1998, a training specialist joined the WVRWA staff through what is now known as the Hours for Education and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.). A program for wastewater classroom training was added in July of 1999. An EPA training specialist was added to provide on-site and classroom training to water systems. In 2017, another wastewater technician was added. In 2020, a fourth circuit rider position was added. 2021 will see the addition of an apprenticeship program and a position to work in distressed counties.  WVRWA now has  8.5 professionals working in the field providing on-site assistance to small public water and wastewater systems and non-community water systems. In addition to the field staff, our office is staffed with an executive director, office manager, membership services coordinator, and an information technology specialist.

About Nexbillpay:

Nexbillpay, serving over 800 utilities in 22 states, is a trusted and proven payment and notification platform designed to address the unique business needs of all size utilities while at the same time offering security, flexibility, and optimal value. Our integrated platform taps into the power of any utility billing solution by providing a branded customer portal with simple account creation, linked accounts, 12 months of payment history, account verification, usage/consumption, bill amount and payment amount graphs, preferred payment storage options, one time/auto-pay options, SMS automated payment notifications/reminders, and built-in instant communication tools.