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South Carolina Rural Water Association to roll out NexbillpayⓇ for their members

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Nexbillpayis pleased to announce that The South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA) is offering the option to use our payment software to its members.   

Benefits of using Nexbillpay’s payment software include convenient payment options for members, increased accessibility to account information, and the enrollment of a variety of notifications regarding customer account information. SCRWA members can now set up autopay, text to pay, automated pay by phone, and receive upcoming payment notifications.  

According to Jill Miller, “Our mission is to meet the dynamic needs of the rural water and wastewater industry in South Carolina. Part of that mission is ensuring our members can give customers more remote, and secure access to their billing information more than ever before. Nexbillpay’s unique and neutral payment software integration module gives our members an essential choice in a payment partner.”

Chase Elmore, Vice President at Nexbillpay, states: “Rural utility companies, such as the South Carolina Rural Water Association, have unique business needs. Our job is to provide security, flexibility, and value. Our integrated payment system can meet those needs and position the SCRWA to be the premier technology resource in the area for the water and wastewater industries. We are delighted to be working with them as a partner.” 

In the past, many rural utility companies were limited regarding payment software due to the associated high costs. Because of Nexbillpay’s platform, customers can now make payments more conveniently, without having to visit a utility office in person or mailing in a check. 

As far as exceptional customer service goes, utility members using Nexbillpay can speak to a representative at their convenience. However, many customers find that the new payment software – available on both desktop and mobile devices – answer many customer FAQs up-front, without the need for an additional phone call or an in-person visit to the utility office. 

About The South Carolina Rural Water Association

Established in 1976, the South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA) is a non-profit trade association that assists water and wastewater systems with on-site technical assistance, training, and much more. Its vision is for SCRWA to be South Carolina’s premier resource in meeting the dynamic needs of the water and wastewater industry. SCRWA is an affiliate of the National Rural Water Association.

About Nexbillpay:

Nexbillpay, serving over 800 utilities in 22 states, is a trusted and proven payment and notification platform designed to address the unique business needs of all size utilities while at the same time offering security, flexibility, and optimal value. Our integrated platform taps into the power of any utility billing solution by providing a branded customer portal with simple account creation, linked accounts, 12 months of payment history, account verification, usage/consumption, bill amount and payment amount graphs, preferred payment storage options, one time/auto-pay options, SMS automated payment notifications/reminders, and built-in instant communication tools.